Ordering Pilot

In the river Seine, Dieppe and Caen pilotage is compulsory for the length overall upper than:

  • Rouen harbour
    • from sea to Caudebec 55 meters.
    • from Caudebec to Rouen included 45 meters.

  • Dieppe harbour
    • 50 meters

  • Caen harbour:
    • in the waterway of Caen 25 meters.
    • from the sea to the locks of Ouistreham 50 meters.
    • from the locks of Ouistreham to the sea 65 meters.

Method to order pilot

  1. Ships coming from the sea must send their time and date of arrival on the road 48 hours before or when they leave an other port.
  2. This notice must be done by the consignee filling a form named "demande de place à quai "which is given to the harbour master’office.

  3. To ensure that a pilot will be in time the masters must advise of their arrival 5 hours before (this must give seawater draught on arrival). In case of more than one hour delay masters must advise 3 hours before the previous time. In case of earlier time masters must advise 3 hours before the new time of arrival.
  4. Moreover in application of the rule of the Vessel Trafic System the ships must contact Rouen Port Control by VHF73 (stands in Honfleur) 3 hours before arrival.

  5. Ships having to leave the river Seine, according to december the 14th 1929 order article n 8, must ask their pilot as indicated below.

    1. From ROUEN and CAEN
      • Minimum two hours before leaving the berth between 6am and 8pm the same day.
      • Before 6pm for sailing between 8pm and 6am the day after.

    2. From the others berthes in the river Seine and Dieppe :
      • Minimum three hours before leaving the berth for time fixed between 6am and 9pm the same day. ;
      • Before 6pm for leaving the berth between 9pm and 6am the day after.

Orders must be made by telex or fax. This demand will be accepted if the port autority allow it. .
The captains will take advantage to contact the pilot's office to arrange the possibilities concerning the date, time, draft, tugs etc...

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