Nautical informations


Day, time and draft to proceed to the berths in the river Seine mainly depend on the level of the tides, the weather conditions, soundings in the river and along quays, maneuvring speed...
At the present time maximum drafts are :
  • Inbound :11m40
  • Outbound :10m30

  • In some circumstances the ships may downstream from Rouen to the sea in 2 and/or 3 times. They have to stop at Vatteville and/or at Radicatel (maximum draft = 10m60).
    The maximum dimensions allowed are 280m and 44m in length, in breadth.
    To know the previsions of the maximum drafts see the heading " Previsions of deeper drafts "

    While spring tides the arrival of the flood current produce a bore named " Mascaret". Mascaret make the ship moving upstream. It is compulsory to get a good mooring and to keep all the lines very tied. For big ships and deep drafts it could be useful to use their engine. During upstream the pilots will give informations about the bore.
    The ships can require a pilot for the bore. .

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